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2017 Year-End Standings Posted
The 2017 Year-End Category, Class, High Point and Versatility standings have been posted on the Show Results page. The Versatility results are at the bottom of the Class Standings.
October 2017 Show Results Posted
The October 2017 show results and score sheets are now posted on the Show Results page under 2017 Show Results.
2017 Super Stakes Results Posted
The Super Stakes results are posted under the Show Results menu.
SSA Score Sheets Posted
The SSA Score Sheets are posted on the Show Results page.
Pattern Posted
The pattern has been posted.
Show office entry requirements
See below for obscure requirement from show bill and entry form. This requirement will be clarified in the 2018 FQHR Rulebook. All class additions and scratches must be made in the show office and may not be made at the arena for a refund of the entry fees. Office fees are non-refundable.
Entering a class
From the FQHR Rulebook: A horse entered in the wrong class may be transferred to its correct class but no entries may be made after the class has started. Any horse shown in a class but not entered shall not be judged or counted.
Definition of Amateur
From the FQHR Rulebook: AMATEUR DIVISION A person is considered Amateur when he/she has not shown, judged, trained, or assisted in training a horse for remuneration, either directly or indirectly, nor received compensation for instructing another person in riding, training or showing a horse in competition for five (5) previous years. Any approved Horse Show Judge shall not be eligible.
Definition of Novice
In case there is any confusion, the Novice classes apply to the rider and not the horse. From the FQHR Rulebook: NOVICE AMATEUR DIVISION A person is considered Novice Amateur when he/she has not shown, judged, trained, or assisted in training a horse for remuneration, either directly or indirectly, nor received compensation for instructing another person in riding, training, or showing a horse in competition for five (5) previous years. Any approved horse show judge is ineligible. In addition, the following conditions apply: Rider may not have won $250.00 lifetime earnings in any event, may not have earned a combined total of ten (10) or more points in recognized associations (AQHA, APHA, FQHR, NBHA, NRHA, USTRA, etc.) in any event prior to January 1 of calendar year. When a rider becomes ineligible he/she will be moved out of the Novice Amateur divi-sion as of December 31 of that year and must surrender his/her novice amateur card to FQHR within 30 days of notification.
2017 Last 3 Shows Results Posted
The cumulative results of the Last 3 Shows (April, June and September) of this year have been posted on the Show Results page.
Exhibitors must show in 3 out of 4 shows to qualify for any awards.
X means this exhibitor/horse showed but did not place but get credit against qualifying.
2017 Banquet Pictures Posted
The 2017 OkFQHR Banquet pictures have been posted.
September 2017 Show Results Posted
The September 2017 show results, score sheets and judges' cards are now posted on the Show Results page under 2017 Show Results.
Annual meeting
Per the bylaws, there will be an annual meeting of the membership of Saturday, Sept 2, after the last class. Items we need to discuss are election of Vice President, Treasurer, and board positions held by Jeff McCommas, Jess Parker, and Dennis Jenkins. Other items include 3-5 year old classes and ranch riding. Adding new classes will possibly necessitate elimination of existing classes, including 3-man sorting, two-man feedlot sorting, and ranch doctoring. Please be prepared to discuss.
Exhibition speed event practice
The barrel race pattern will be set up in the speed arena during the herd work on Saturday, Sept 2. For $5 per run, you can make as many practice runs as you want. If we run out of barrel racers, we can set up additional speed patterns. This is a repost to correct the date.
Show Etiquette
1. Do not abuse animals, your fellow exhibitors or judges.
2. Do not leave horses unattended tied to panels in the show arena area.
3. Do not approach the judge unless invited. Go through the show manager or ring steward.
4. Do check your entry forms carefully. Software issues resulted in some mistakes last show.
5. Do show up for your class on time. Pay attention to the show schedule to keep things moving.
6. Do have fun. This is only a game.

You are not going to become rich and famous showing at Foundation shows. However, these shows may help prepare you for additional opportunities.
Additional September Youth Events
The youth are working on a barn/street dance for Saturday night after the show and breakfast early Sunday morning. The food activity is approved by the concession company.
Youth events at Sept show
The OKFQHR Youth will be providing ice water at the Sept and Oct shows for donations. The youth will also be sponsor a silent auction for tack and other western items. Please donate excess tack and other items to support the youth program.
Schedule for Sept and Oct shows
Speed events will follow the herd work classes for the Sept and Oct shows.
Judges for Sept and Oct shows
The Sept and Oct shows will have one judge each. Judge for the Sept show is Dr. Gary Webb, who serves on the national judges committee. Judge for the Oct show is Rebecca Frerking.
2017 Super Stakes Entry Form Now Available
2017 Super Stakes Entry form is now available.
Show Date: October 13, 2017
Starts at 6:30 pm
Class order:
1. Yearling In-Hand Trail 2. 3 Yr Old Handy Ranch 3. Weanling Colts 4. Weanling Fillies 5. 2 Yr Old Ranch Pleasure 6. 4 Yr Old Ranch Cutting
New deadline to be sure only necessary trophies and ribbons are purchased.
See the entry form for all fees. Any questions email me at mduncan70 at pldi dot net
New Stall Policy
$45 per weekend Ė nightly rates not available (shavings not included). To be guaranteed stalls, you must reserve stalls before the deadline. We will set up only enough stalls to cover the number reserved. We occasionally have extra stalls available after the deadline. Stalls reserved after the deadline are $55 per weekend, subject to availability. If you reserve a stall and find that you will not use it and if you donít cancel it by the time they are ordered from the Expo Center, you will be charged $20 for the unused stall. Any use of the stall (horse tied in it for any period of time, tack or equipment storage, dog kennel, etc.) means that stall has been used and you will be charged the full price. Contact Lisa Anderson at (preferred) or (405) 659-0931 (text or leave message) to reserve stalls. NO Facebook messages. If you do not receive confirmation of your stall reservation, contact Lisa. All horses not having a stall will be charged a $15 tie-out fee per weekend.

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