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2014 Super Stakes Incentive Fund Program

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Codys Slow Poke

Mark Me A Tyree

Peppy Boys Duke

RC Skeets Gunsmoke

Zippos Zapper

Shavings at the April Show
Shavings will be $6.00 per bag at the April Show. You may bring your own but no straw or paper.
Pre-entry Deadline is next Tuesday April 22ND
Pre-entries will close at the end of the day next Tuesday. Remember office fee goes up to $15 if you enter at the show.
The Handy Ranch Warm-ups are full but check in at the show and if we have some cancellations we will try to accommodate you.
New Rulebook
The National Office is working on a new rulebook to come out in 2015. Any suggestions about revising or adding rules need to be submitted. If you have any suggestions or changes you would like submitted send them to the OKFQHR board and we will compile them all at once. Deadline for sending them to us is June 30th. Use our contact page.
Laminated Numbers for 2014
OKFQHR is selling laminated numbers as a fund-raiser and as a service to our members. For only $10 you will receive a set of two numbers of your choice (range: 1 999) that you can use throughout the entire show season. Please note the following points:
Numbers are assigned per horse/exhibitor combination; therefore a separate number will need to be purchased for each combination.
Once a number is assigned to a horse/exhibitor combination, it cannot be changed during the year.
You must specify the number you want. Please give two choices.
If the horse is five years old and younger, the number will be printed on yellow paper.
These numbers are valid for all OKFQHR shows this year.
Numbers are good for one show season only. If you purchased a number last year, you must purchase it again this year. You have until April 1 to purchase your same number; after that it will be made available to everyone for purchase.
You will be issued two numbers. Show management requests that you wear numbers on both sides of the saddle pad during under-saddle classes.

To purchase a number, send the following information to Lisa Anderson at
Exhibitors Name
Horses Registered Name
Is the horse five or under?
What number do you want? (two choices)
Did you have this number last year?
If so, do you need new copies?
No numbers will be mailed. All requests must be made by April 18 to receive your numbers at the first show.
The Super Stakes committee is having a Handy Ranch Warm-up fundraiser on April 25, 2014 starting at 6 pm. Slots will be 5 minutes for $10 or 4 slots for $35. We will hopefully have a sponsor trailer for you to practice loading in. Other obstacles will be a bridge, logs, log drag, slicker, barrels, carry items, steer, back throughs, lope overs, trot overs, mailbox, and anything else I can think of. To reserve your slots contact Dennis Jenkins via phone at 214.244.7363 or email at Perfect opportunity to desensitize you and your horse to obstacles and show nerves. We will create the horse show environment at your request complete with judges.
2014 Class Order & Schedule
The 2014 OKFQHR class order and listing will remain the same as 2013. We WILL be changing the entry and exit formats at the show. We will be instructing exhibitors to NOT exit out through the entry gates in all classes in the large arena. We will be using all the gates when possible. This will leave the entry gate clear for quicker entry. We will be asking all exhibitors to exit the arena in a quick and timely manner. We realize that you dismount and walk as a training issue but would appreciate it if you would not do that on a day when it runs into the night hours. If everyone cooperates it could shorten the show on Saturday by a couple of hours. Kent will be directing everyone via the announcer and of course in his own fashion at the gates. All gates will be attended for your expediate usage. Exhibitors entering for their class will be ushered into the large arena at the first available time, not after everyone has cleared out, for instance: A Ranch Cutter and their helpers will enter from the north gate while the previous team is exiting through the west gates. We thank you in advance for your cooperation. This will enable us to use the Friday nights for warm-ups at the first and second shows, general meeting at the third show, and the Super Stakes at the last show.
2014 Rule Book Update
2014 FQHR Rulebook changes have been amended. Click here to read the updated version.The affiliate has the option to offer the Working Cow Horse that includes the dry work or the New Working Cow Horse without dry work.

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