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Miscellaneous Updates
Be sure to review the 2018 FQHR Rulebook at We will show both Level 1 and Level 2 riders in the same Limited Working Cow and Limited Working Ranch classes. Level 2 riders will be judged separately from Level 1 riders. Also note that the two limited classes cannot be used for Amateur Versatility. There will also be no tie out fee charged for those who do not rent stalls. This should be good news for those who cannot spend the entire weekend at the show and want to show in a limited number of classes. There will be one judge at the show and speed classes will follow herd work classes Saturday morning. We are relying heavily on volunteers this year. If you can spare some time to function as scribe, gatekeeper, office help, etc., please volunteer at the show.
Correction to online entry
There is a mistake on the online entry form. Cattle charges do not apply to Open Ranch Riding because there are no cattle used. Any corrections to fees will be made at the show office. The FQHR ranch riding patterns are in the Rule Book at
Level 2 clarification
Before you panic about the new Level 2 classification in the 2018 rule book, read the book starting on page 44. "Down the fence" or "on the fence" simply means driving the cow to the opposite end of the arena in a controlled manner and boxing it again.
Awards Procedures
There seems to be some erroneous rumors floating around regarding awards. No sponsor ever provided a saddle but rather offered supposed discounts on saddles. The only way for funds to be available to purchase expensive awards is for all members to seek sponsorships. Forms are on our website.
New rules for 2018
The 2018 FQHR rulebook will be followed for OKFQHR shows in 2018. Major changes involve Limited Working Ranch Horse and Limited Working Cow Horse. If you showed in either of these classes since 2016, you now have to turn the cow on the fence in addition to boxing. Check out the new rulebook at
2018 showbill
Correction: 12 new classes have been added for 2018. Numerous 3-5 year-old classes and two ranch riding classes. Come out and have fun!
Classes Added for 2018 Showbill and Pre-Entry Form
Six (6) new classes have been added to the showbill, online pre-entry form and online confirmation page today (3/18/18). If you have already pre-entered and wish to enter those classes, please do so at the show office on the day of the show.
FQHR website
Correction: The FQHR website is
Why show at OKFQHR
Why show with OKFQHR? This is the only organization in Oklahoma other than AQHA where you can enter speed, cattle, show, trail, and halter classes. Want to barrel race? We have it. Want to show a cutting horse? We have it. Working cow, roping, trail, reining, pleasure, sorting, and more. We have it. Want to move on to specialty shows? This is the place you can practice for relatively low fees and improve your skills.
Show requirements.
Can I show a horse in open/amateur and my child/grandchild show the same horse in youth? Answer: from the National Office, YES. Please be aware that family memberships apply to family members living in the same household. If the youth does not live with you, the youth will need to get their own membership. Keep your questions coming to Hope to see you at the shows.
Registration requirements
What do I have to do to show in OKFQHR shows? 1. Register your horse(s) with Foundation Quarter Horse Registry at 2. Get a membership with FQHR. Open and amateur( if necessary). Membership forms are available at 3. Get a membership with OKFQHR. Membership forms are available on our webpage. Hope to see you at OKFQHR shows.
New Classes for 2018
3-5 year old classes and ranch riding classes are on the agenda for 2018. Stay tuned for updated showbill. It is going to be an exciting year. There will be something for everybody.
Annual awards banquet
Annual OkFQHR Banquet Friday Feb. 23rd Kingfisher Co. Fairgrounds, Kingfisher Ok. Meal at 7:00 $15.00 per plate . BBQ Please rsvp number of people in your party before 2/19/2018. 405-375-6657 ( no text leave message) Looking forward to seeing everyone.
Sponsorship and Membership Forms Posted
The new 2018 membership and sponsorship forms are now available under the Forms menu.

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