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OkFQHR Year End Award Categories Announced

The OkFQHR Board of Directors, Officers and Show Committee have implemented new year end award categories for the 2005 show season which gets underway next weekend, April 30 & May 1, at the McClain County Expo Center in Purcell, OK.  The new categories for this year are:

  • High Point Versatility - Open and Youth
  • Reserve High Point Versatility - Open and Youth
    Small prizes for 3rd thru 6th place for year end
  • High Point Ranch - Open and Youth
    (Ranch Cutting, Team Doctoring, Handy Ranch Horse)
  • High Point Cow Horse - Open and Youth
    (Working Cow Horse, Breakaway Roping, Cutting)
  • High Point Speed Event Horse - Open and Youth
    (Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Stake Race*, Keyhole)
    *Stake Race is a youth event only
  • High Point Show Category - Open and Youth
    (Ranch Reining, Ranch Pleasure, Western Riding)

And of course the club will continue the tradition of having Year End Class Awards.

FQHR Roundup and Review 2006 - Host Hotels Announced

The Hilton Garden Inn and their sister hotel The Clarion Meridian Hotel will serve as the host hotels for the 2006 Oklahoma State Fair and the 2006 FQHR Roundup and Review. Their contact information is as follows:

Hilton Garden Inn
801 South Meridian Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK   73108
Tel: (405) 942-1400
Clarion Meridian Hotel
737 S Meridian Ave.
Oklahoma City , OK 73108
Tel: (405) 942-8511

FQHR Roundup and Review comes to the Oklahoma State Fair for 2006

From the desk of Joel Shook:
We now have a letter of commitment from the Oklahoma State Fair. It is time to start rounding up sponsorships. The best time to solicit sponsorships is usually the first of the year. We are looking forward to the move to Oklahoma and are sure that it will be a positive one for the FQHR. Sponsorship will only add to what we can do at this Roundup. We want to thank the Oklahoma Affiliate for all their support and for dealing with the Oklahoma State Fair on a personal basis representing the FQHR. 

From the desk of Marilyn Duncan, OkFQHR President:
OkFQHR Members: The Roundup and Review coming to Oklahoma is a prime opportunity for us to increase membership and awareness of our organization both locally and nationally. The Oklahoma Affiliate gets a monetary portion of the sponsorships whether the sponsorships are monetary or merchandise. If you can help obtain sponsorships it will benefit both the local affiliate and the national organization. Please be reminded that our own sponsorship drive will be in full force within the next couple of weeks as well.
Also, we have been asked to choreograph the Opening Ceremonies which probably will take place on Wednesday evening before the show starts. There will be a mixer following to enable everyone to get acquainted and keep the atmosphere we all love to show in. Anyone who would like to help get that organized please contact me.

Marilyn Duncan