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Congratulations on winning an award for the 2013 OKFQHR show season! Please follow these instructions to choose your award(s). Note the following points:

It is your responsibility to make sure that the name of the horse, exhibitor and owner are spelled correctly. Go to the Show Results page on OKFQHR.com and check Year-End Class Standings. If there is a correction, email it with your award choices. No corrections will be made at the expense of the club on awards that are misspelled.

You are choosing class awards only. If you are winner of a versatility, high point, category or team challenge award, you will be contacted separately.

If your award is listed as Upgrade Eligible, the class you won did not meet the minimum average entries required to award a Champion award but you are allowed to upgrade to a Champion award for $95. If you choose not to upgrade, please pick an award at the 4th Place Award Level. Those choosing to upgrade must send a check to the club by January 15. When you make that choice, you will be told how to proceed.

Youth who paid the ride-all-weekend fee are limited to three Champion awards in Youth classes; a 6th Place Award will be given for additional Champion awards. As an option, those Youth are allowed to upgrade to additional Champion awards for $95 each. Those choosing to upgrade must send a check to the club by January 15. When you make that choice, you will be told how to proceed.

If you have any questions on awards eligibility, please refer to page 16 of the April 2013 newsletter (on OkFQHR.com at News.)

The pictures shown are to give you an idea of the award. The actual award may differ from the picture.

Step 1: Click here to see what awards you won. The list is sorted by exhibitor?s last name. Make note of what you won and come back to this page.

Step 2: Click on each award level to view the choices for that level.

Champion Award Level

Reserve Award Level

3rd Place Award Level

4th Place Award Level

5th Place Award Level

6th Place Award Level

If it says (choose ? ) after the award name, you?ll need to specify that as well.

Step 3: Email your choices using the form below no later than December 22. If you don?t make choices by this deadline, they will be made for you. If you won more than one award, make sure you specify which award for what class.

Awards will be presented at the banquet on February 22, 2014. Those who are unable to attend the banquet should email running_a@fullnet.net and specify who will pick up the award at the banquet or if you want it shipped to you COD.

We are happy to present awards to all who earned them. However, if you would like to decline an award, let us know and we will keep the funds in the club and present you with a certificate.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and we?ll see you at the banquet!

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