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Team Division Horse Exhibitor Total Points
TEAM 5OpenPeppy Boys DukeDennis Jenkins124
OWNER: Mike FieldsAmateurPeppy Hic RoosterMark Gossen
 Novice/YouthTaylor BroadfirstJackson Flynn
TEAM 6OpenThe Rawhide BaronTammy Huffstutlar91
OWNER: Rick HuffstutlarAmateurBrandys Two Eyed WarBryce Tobyne
 Novice/YouthBoggies Windy JacKim Owen
TEAM 1OpenSandunit Two PeppyBret Mulder59
OWNER: Janet FanningAmateurMiss Boomtown PineJess Parker
 Novice/YouthPepto PlayJanet Fanning
TEAM 3OpenMontana ChicBrandon Smith59
OWNER: Billy OdellAmateurMy Time To ShineJeff McCommas
 Novice/YouthRoyal ZamChelsy Bottom
TEAM 4OpenBrandys Two Eyed WarBryce Tobyne37
OWNER: Ann TamAmateurTexie CallieroaniKathryn Leitner
 Novice/YouthJacks Are SilverJack Leitner
TEAM 2OpenWild Playin HickoryKasey Hamilton4
OWNER: Robyn SmithAmateurSS Smooth SailingKelly Clark
 Novice/YouthKing Glo PlugMason Smith
Team Division Horse Exhibitor Total Points
TEAM 3OpenThe Rawhide BaronTammy Huffstutlar205
OWNER: Tammy HuffstutlarAmateurMy Turn To ShineJeff McCommas
 NoviceBoggies Windy JacKim Owen
 YouthSisters TicketJett Williams
TEAM 2OpenWar Chick JoewoodDebbie Dunsworth180
OWNER: Ann TamAmateurWar Chip JoewoodDebbie Dunsworth
 NoviceJacks Are SilverJack Leitner
 YouthThisdudesshamokinhotAddy Trimmell
TEAM 5OpenPoco Don OjosBrandon Smith112
OWNER: Billy OdellAmateurSkeeters Gold OlenaMary Rice
 NoviceLance MulderShannon Ribelin
 YouthZantillyDChelsy Bottom
TEAM 4OpenWar Chip JoewoodDebbie Dunsworth80
OWNER: Maryalice Ribelin AmateurWar Chick JoewoodDebbie Dunsworth
 NoviceDee Gooch McCueMary Ann Crabtree
 YouthKing Glo PlugMason Smith
TEAM 1OpenPocopine BeauJess Parker76
OWNER: Tom FarrellAmateurRedneck BartenderVerma Lou Boggs
 NovicePepto PlayJanet Fanning
 YouthKnuckledown NickCarlee Farrell